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Whats a diaper punishment????????????????
and i dont mean for little guyren i mean 4 teenagers and adults?
give details please!???
Diaper punishment is putting a person in diapers instead of a timeout or spanking. They use diapers and make them wear diapers and use the diapers for a period of time (anywhere from two days to how ever long). Some adults get into this fetish and some parents use it on guyren who wet the bed or wet their pants, they get put into diapers and put on display for humiliation. I have seen this happen. I was at a walmart and a boy about 6ish had to use the restroom and he kept telling his mother he had to go #1 but she did not take him in time. He ended up wetting his pants which made her mad so she yelled at him and told him he was getting diapers. I kina hung around to see if she was really going to do it and by golly, she went and got a package of diapers, took him into the bathroom and put him in diapers. He was walking around walmart in diapers.
Being put through a harsh punishment?
I got suspended from school for swearing at my gym teacher. So my mom is putting me through this punishment of wearing diapers because I didn't deal with my problem "like an adult." Is this a fair punishment? I mean it has nothing to do with what I said!
F that. I'd throw those diapers at my mom and tell her to shove it if she tried to make me wear them. That's just ridiculous.
My punishment is completely unfair, help me get out of it.?
I mess up a lot, but they have never done this punishment on me. It's awful. I got suspended from school a week before spring break for punching a guy and swearing at him. My mother and father said nothing about it that week. But yesterday they told me I am not grounded or nothing. That night they went in my room and taped a note on my dresser. It told me my punishment. I opened the drawer and saw piles of disposable adult diapers. I have to wear one everyday of spring break, and I can go anywhere I want, as long as I wear one. Help me get out of this. I don't deserve this do I. Do not say it's abuse.
They are punishing you and I think yo deserve it, no matter how nasty some one is to you it doesn't give you the right to physically assault them. You aren't going to get out of it so either get use to the diapers for spring break or stay home and wait till it's all over.

I know that might not be what you want to hear but you need to hear it and learn to think before you do something so stupid like hit some one again.

IF i would have done that my parents would have beat my *** with a belt your lucky yours didn't.
Would you baby your guy for punishment? how far would you go?
ive seen this a lot on here were adults baby their guyren for punishment? such as making them wear diapers, eat baby food and sleep in a crib. would you do this. what would yu do nad how far would you go?
It depends on the age and the stage in their life. My sister has a little girl named Macy who's 2 and she recently put her in a "big girl" bed.. however, she left the crib up to teach Macy that if she wanders around at night and doesn't do what she's supposed to, she'll be "locked" in her crib. I think that this is a sensible punishment, only because Macy just barely moved on from her crib and she likes to come out of her room at night (I'd feel guilty locking her in her room).

However, if you're six years old and you've been eating solid food for years and you suddenly get all picky, I think it's ridiculous for a mother to feed her baby food or something disgusting. That's just rude.. there are alternates for that. You can go online and look up healthy but delicious recipes, right?

It all depends on the age. If you're teaching your baby to potty train and they're struggling with it, a sensible punishment would be diapers. It depends on the stage and the age.

:) Good luck to you.
Do you think humiliation is a valid form of punishment?
I am a mom of five, I come from a large family myself and I was always taught respect and good manners at home. Lately I notice there are a lot of disrespectful and spoilt guyren around,they just seem to have everything and appreciate nothing.
I am always terrified my guyren will turn out that way too and as a result I often come down hard on them.
My oldest guy is thirteen and my youngest is one year old which leads to a hectic household and sometimes bad manners are not corrected.
I thought my oldest boy was at the age where he could be treated like an adult but on a trip to the mall last week he threw a tantrum and acted like a guy. I decided to treat him like a baby to teach him a lesson and treated him like my 1yr old for a day,he wore a diaper,was spoon fed his meals and was put down for a nap in the middle of the day. He was humiliated and has been very respectful since but do you think this is too drastic and weird a punishment. My husband does,advise please!!!
I agree with most the people here.

Good for you for punishing your guy! There is NOTHING worst than a guy that has never been punished.

Now, here is what I think you did wrong. The dipper was a little too much. Spoon feeding…its allowable. The nap…great!

I also agree that if punishment continues like this, a guy MAY end up needing counseling. So proceed with CAUTION!

Now that you punished your son like that, you say he acts his age, and is respectful! Awesome! It worked! Next time he acts like a little guy, warn him…Tell him if he wants to act like a little guy, he WILL be treated like such. I am sure that will catch his attention, and he will act his age and be respectful. If not, warn him once more…and if he still ignores your warning, go in, and punish him just like you said you would. Thus he can’t say you were unfair, and also, next time, he will think twice before he acts up.

And for those that say this punishment was unfair, and WILL cause damage to the guy…I don’t think so. It wasn’t like the boy did something that was out of his control…(wetting the bed for example is something a guy can’t help. And if a guy is punished harshly for something they couldn’t help, then hey will resent, and be messed up later on) Your son CHOOSE to act like a little guy. Your punishment will not harm him unless you over do it.

And also…for those that say guyren resent their parents because they punished them…WELL DUH! The guy got caught! Of course the guy will be angry at the parent! Who likes to be punished? Parents aren’t meant to be the guy’s best friend; the parent is there to make a human being…and to teach this little guy respect, manors and a love for success and life. They are not there to allow the guy to run-a-muck and do as they please. Parents need to step up more, and NOT fear what society will think of them. (What happened to the days where spanking was ok? Kids back then KNEW respect and manors) ((YES! I know spanking CAN be over done…but that is rarer than you think!))

So, back to the main topic, I just want to say, what you did was correct, minus the diaper. Its not abuse, you don’t so this on a regular basis. You did this once, showing him that if he wants to act like a two year old, he will be treated as such!
Me and my wife are into BDSM and I am the top I am looking for help with some humiliation techniques?
Ok like I said me and my wife are into BDSM and I am the top and I am fairly new at this I am looking for some humilation tchniques that I can use that are more of a mental thing than a physical because we have two guys one is 2 almost three and the other is almost 9 months old. One thing I have been looking into is the diaper punishments and makeing her wear an adult diaper all day and that of course means having to urinate in it (not poop though) the problem is that she has a shy bladder and has trouble peeing even if I am in the bathroom with her. Is there anything I can make her drink or herbal suppliment she can take to stimulate the bladder? Any other suggestions are welcome as well.
I think this forum would be of more assistance to…

Or this…
Canceling bar mitzvah celebration as punishment for wetting the bed?
My son will be 13 in a few months and he still wets the bed almost every night. According to halacha, he'll still become an adult whether there is a ceremony in shul or not. But he certainly isn't a "man" if he still wears diapers to bed. I'm sure you can imagine how I feel having to buy him "goodnites" at the supermarket. I fill up the cart with other things, then go to the diaper aisle, look around to make sure no one can see, then I put the goodnites in the cart under other things. Is taking away his bar mitzvah an acceptable punishment? Of couse, he can have the party as soon as he starts waking up dry.
haha your son is a jew
Selling on ebay diapers for adults?
i sell diapers for adults on ebay
some one baught a packet of diapers and left me a negetive feedback
so i sent him now a dirty diaper as a punishment

im scared now that he will open a dispute?
First of all, why did he leave you negative feedback. Maybe you should have acted like an adult and contacted him and asked the reason for his obvious displeasure. You give US sellers a bad name by being just plain ignorant. Try to work things out with your buyer before doing vulgar guyish things. You can also, when someone leaves negative feedback, leave a response explaining to people why this person left a negative and explain your side. If he opens a dispute, you should be scared. They may suspend your account. Good luck!
SERIOUS ADULT ONLY QUESTION. please help me, found something out about my fiance?
He has tried to dress me up in diapers b4, claims its punishment...
I quickly got out of that, i thought it was over, nothing major.

I just literally found a secrect folder on the computer with about 150 pictures of girls in diapers off the web.

what do i do? do i ignore this act like i never seen it? Im not into this and never will be. He never wants to have sex b4 claiming its because he doesn't want me to get prego. But when the diapers come into play, he does want to have sex. So i think i just found out why we never do. Im really freaking out and have no idea what to do. Please help me with any suggestions u have.

please dont delete this question. its very serious to me.
Well, it almost sounds as though you have already made up your mind about the whole situation. You seem to already have what I would call an adverse reaction to finding out about his diaper fetish. It also sounds to me like you need to get a grip on the situation before you decide to sit down and talk to him (which I do recommend that you talk with him, his input might enlighten you). Besides, he is simply into diapers and not something harmful or illegal (unless the photos are of under aged girls, which of course is illegal).

I advise that you do some research, perhaps talk to a medical professional to gather TRUE facts about ‘infantilism’ (which is the proper term for a diaper fetish) and not listen to all these yahoos on here that call your fiancé crazy, or sick, or a weirdo (those obviously are not professional opinions). If you can not seem to look past his fetish, then he may not be the one for you. I do know people that are into infantilism, and they are among the nicest, gentlest people I know.

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