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What are very easy writing strategies for amateur college students? ?
I have a bit of trouble writing anything. I can get started, but then my mind goes blank after 5 minutes. What can keep me easily focused?
You should check your college to see if they have a writing center. Usually you will have to make an appointment, however, the tutors will either be English professors or students who have at least a 3.5 gpa in English.

In the writing center, the tutors can provide you with strategies so you can overcome writers block and learn how to develop a thesis that will hold your interest and still be considered appropriate for a college paper.
As a amateur photographer (in college), how do I arrange a showing of my work?
As in, how do go about showing my work in a gallery or something similar (in Austin, tx)? Who do I contact and how should I go about this if its even possible? My work is professional quality and I have a portfolio...I'm just new to the scene. Thanks for any feedback, especially if its Austin-specific.
I guess the first thing you can do is contact the art department in your school. They host many different art shows throughout the year so can help you.

If there are any photo instructors in the art department, connect with them as well as the photo students. There are may local galleries in Austin and my guess is that the students, instructors and art department staff not only know their locations, but have personal contacts with the galleries owners.
Could the U.S win much if they returned to college or amateur players for the olympics basketball?
"jess seems abit unfair to use our pro-players when most of the world uses amateurs,it's not much of a game when the pros walk over the less experienced players of the other countries and pretend it was a great game bla-bla-bla' whats ur take on this"...tanx...><>
only if the rest of the world only used their amateur players as well. i think basketball has been globalized so much now that our amateurs would not beat other countries' professionals.
If i compete in Amateur Boxing can i include this in college application?
i won the Ringside world championship last year and also the desert record is 34-7 can i include this as extracurricular in my application?? will this look good?
Boxing was stopped at the university level because boxers were often found to have brain damage. I think schools will assume this happened to you, so you should not mention it.
Two (probably extremely) amateur college questions?
Okay, so I want to go to college soon. In college, I might want to take up cheerleading. I know it's tough because it's "varsity" and all but here's my situation: I've never done cheerleading and my school doesn't have a team. I am currently a beginner enrolled in MMA. How could I make this work? What would I have to do to make the team? And if cheerleading isn't very likely, what other sports would be easier for me with my minor MMA experience. Would MMA benefit me at all in college atheletics?

Next, I want to know, can I call up a college counsler or an admissions director or someone and have a scheduled sit-down discussing why I should be admitted to the college? This is of course aside from my application. It's not like I want to replace my app with the sit-down. I just kind of want it as a bonus.

Thanks in advance and any rude, negative, or silly answers will be reported! :)
Have no clue what MMA is.
for the US
You can go on any college web site to see what sport/cheer/dance teams they have. There should be some info on try outs.

You can make an appointment with admissions at any college. You should ask for a tour of the campus and to meet with someone from athletic department too.

Admissions office has nothing to do with you getting into the school-they do not decide who is admitted or denied. They are there to answer questions about the school. You do not get to meet with anyone from the committee that does decide. Your application is all they look at. Go to some college web sites and read through an application. Many do ask you to write a paragraph on why do you want to come to their school or what do you bring to the school. Your college essay can be more personal too. to let the school know more about you than what they will see from your transcripts.
Amateur BOXING in college????
can i include my experience in amateur boxing for college apps??
i won several national titles and have record of 49-7 can i include this as extracurricular activities??? will it look good?
hell yeah! my teacher once told me some dude got accepted into harvard for mountain climbing. definitely include that.
What are some serious/comedy movies about men's ice hockey (professional or college or amateur)?
I can only think of the first scenes of Happy Gilmore.
The very best hockey movie is Slapshot (1977) with Paul Newman. I highly recommend it. Here are a few others:

Mystery, Alaska (1999)
Miracle (2004)
Youngblood (1986)
Maurice Richard (aka "The Rocket") (2005)
The King of Hockey (1936)

I hope you find this information helpful, and hope you find it to be the Best Answer!
How accurate are College Parties portrayed?
In movies, and mostly (homemade amateur) porn, theres College (Frat) Parties

Im curious to how accurate these are shown
Normally its just a LOT of drinking and a LOT of public, out in the open, sex, bjs, hjs, kissing, etc.

Im in high school and i dont really believe that when you go to college all the girls turn into whores.

I mean, are college parties really like this? With all that public sex and stufF?
yeah there is lots and lots of drinking. There is way more provocative dancing and making out in public than at high school parties but public sex is not normal. Many people do end up hooking up but they leave/go into a private room. Lots of times for frat parties, the guys will only let the hot/skankishly dressed girls in, and often those are the type of girls who like that type of party too anyways. The degree of slutiness is higher at those parties than in college in general. Also, often college parties are also just a bunch of mainly guys hanging around getting wasted and playing beer pong. Not particularly exciting.
Can I sell an amateur porno that has a College name on it like "Name of Film: Penn State"?
I have a porno I want to film and I wanted to include a name of a college such as Penn State to it, but I don't know if that would legal or not since I'm selling it. I kinda doubt a college would let me sell a dvd with their name on it, but I just wanted to make sure.
The simple answer is 'Yes' you can.

The long answer is, if you do, don't be surprised when the lawyers at that prestigious university file libel suits against you.

It's not illegal but it certainly would be something I'd advise against.

The use of a known reference can get you in hot water even if you put a disclaimer (which you really should anyway) against representations or possible references to people, places or things mentioned or represented in your video.

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