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Big butt women - when did yours start to grow big?
Do you get a big butt when you are young? I'm talking about the women with natural round butts, not just from being obese. Or does it take time to mature, like in your 20s and up? After pregnancy maybe?
Mine started at the beginning of puberty, around 11. It was very gradual, though it seemed to speed up when I was around 14 or 15. I'm 21 now, and it's been the same general size and shape for the last couple years. However, I do know some women who were skinny during their teens and started to get a bigger butt around 18-19. Changes after that are probably due less to hormones and more to weight gain and guybirth.
Which country can I find big butt women in South America?
I'm planning to take a vacation in South America.
Boliva, Venezuela and especially Brasil is the place to find big booty women, once you walk out the door, you will spot one that quickly!
Why do so many White women want to have a big butt?
I don't get it.Since when do White men like big butts?White men control the media never once has they had a woman with a big butt as the standard of beauty(a think Barbie has alot 2 do with it 2).Also that's not a European gene.Not all White women but so many do.Big butts are only in the genes of 2 races.
dats rite. but itz kay 2 want big booty. cuz u cnt booty bounce wit no booty. like dem paris hilton. i got a natural big booty, n it in shape. dats rite guys. u can look but yall cnt touch diz juicinesss. GOOD LUCKK WIT YALL BIG BOOTYIEZ BOO BOOS!
Why do white men hate Big butt women?
White guys think skinny flat butts like Paris Hilton and Megan Fox are so hot but black and latino men love juicy big booty women.

Big booty or No booty

Beyonce vs Taylor Swift

Jessica Biel vs Megan Fox

Jennifer Lopez vs Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian vs Nicole Richie
It is a cultual differnence that we have, there are things that every culture enjoys that other cultures might find gross. You might thinks that these white girls have flat butts but trust me they have the right amount. And yes many white guys find big fat azzes to be gross.
Are men obsessed with women who have curvy and moderately big butt ?

Since my guyhood i am deeply obsessed with woman's butt(back or bottom) that is curvy and pretty big.. i just can not resist looking at an hour glass figured women...whenever i see a woman,i desperately look for the size and shape of her butt..i just find a woman's butt(back or bottom) sexier than her this normal? Are there any men like me?
it is normal. 50% men like same.
Who sings the "Big Butt Women" song?
I have a part of this song as a ring tone and it includes the following lyrics: "I just like chasing, them big butt women. We gonna do that butt thang. Kinda like a dookey thang. We gonna do that butt thang..." I want the entire song, but I can't find it. Any ideas?
The song is sung by Horace Trahan and the New Ossun Express and is titled "That Butt Thing".
Why do more African and Hispanic women tend to have big butt?
But, I have never seen a SINGLE Asian women with big butt. And stop that racist and politically correct BS, this has nothing to do with that. It is a matter of FACT, and when I say big butt, I meant the big ones, not the slightly obese type.
lol....listen all women of all races have big butts and small butts and no butts.....lets get that straight...

but the difference is that African and Hispanic people love it so the women are not ashamed of their butts......there are lots of African women that do not have butts...but they were clothing to camouflage that fact.....just as there are plenty of white women that have always had behinds..but culturally it was looked at as being wasn't until lately that they have become comfortable with that part of themselves.
Is it true that foods with hormones are making women Butt Big?
IF so how do i know what foods have hormones in it and what foods do not, so i can watch out because i don't want to gain wait on my butt so please give me a list of foods with hormones to avoid
It's genetics. There's nothing you can do about it. You can eat whatever you want but, it's not going to change how your butt looks. However, that's no reason to not keep yourself at a healthy weight considering most men like a woman with a butt but, at a healthy weight.
Women with big butts can you rest your arm on the back of your butt and your arm doesn't fall off?
Because I can its a habit for me, when my arm needs resting I just stand while I am waiting to get something and rest my arm on the back of my butt, and because my butt pokes out it don't fall off lol, I am just wondering can you ladies do that as well?
not gonna lie, I literally just tried this. lol but to answer your question, no

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