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Who is the hot blonde stripper in the bambi club in tijuana?
I had a great time with a gorgeous blonde stipper a year ago and I want to know more about her. I forgot the name, there where 2 blondes there that night. If you know anything please tell me
first of all dont tip them its mexico and second there not strippers there prostitutes be careful damn i wish i was in mexico right now
Bleaching my hair blonde from dyed dark brown, will i need to use a colour stripper?
At the weekend i'm buying bleach and everything i need to bleach my hair from dark brown (dyed) to platinum blonde. will i need to use a colour stripper to first get the brown out before i bleach? my natural colours light brown.

any tips on bleaching also would be recommended :)
1. You probably want you use a color stripper like Color Oops or something.
2. Bleach the rest of your hair.
3. Find the lightest box of blonde hair dye out there. Go super light, like "extra beige blonde."

This process should take a few days though, sorry.
Bleaching my hair blonde, question about hair stripper?
Hi there! In a few weeks I'm planning to go back blonde, as my hair is healthy and i have no dead ends.
At the moment my hair is a dark red/auburn colour, with alot of red in it.
Before I had red hair I had dyed my hair light brown as a base from my platinum blonde hair.
Can anyone recommend any stripping kits? And if I were to strip my hair what do you think the colour result would be?
I would seriously suggest getting it done professionally, stripping and bleach can severely damage your hair if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

Also, since your hair has a lot fo red in it it will definitely pull red when you're bleaching thus getting that ugly, fake orangey-yellow color as a result if not used with the proper toner, etc. And seeing how bleach LIFTS color as oppossed to depositing like coloring you hair does you really shouldn't do it multiple times to acheive the level of blonde you want unless you want all of your hair to break off.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do :]
Using a Hair Stripper as a way to go blonde?
my friend said she used a hair stripper 3 times in 2 weeks and she had like total black hair does this really sound like it would work?
Color stripper does remove the color from your hair, yes.
And, it's possible for it to end up looking blonde-ish afterwards.
Although, usually, you still need to bleach it if you want it to really be blonde and not some funky yellowy orange.
Using a color stripper is bad enough for your hair to just have used it once, but to use it 3 times in 2 weeks? Her hair must be fried.
What brand hair dye stripper will work best on dyed brown hair to go blonde?
I have naturally dirty blonde hair, and have been dying it medium/dark brown for 2 years. i want to go to a cool toned medium blonde. how can i do this at home without going orange? any tips? ideas? brands? thanks so much. :) have a great day
Don't do this at home! You are setting yourself up for a disaster. If it is a question of money, find a salon that is looking for models for their trainees, you are the kind of client they will really want and they should take extra care as it is a fairly big job you want done.All the best
Hair stripper to dye hair blonde?
My friend has light to medium brown hair.

It's in good condition.

She wants her hair blonde again.

Can we just use a color stripper and then use blonde hair dye over it?
if her hair is previously colored, yes, use a color will probably need two bottles for all the color to be removed. I wouldnt recommend doing it at home because it is worse for your hair than a perm(thats bad!!!)....and dont trust box color blondes, because depending on the integridy of her hair and the underlying pigment, it wont turn out the way she wants it. I recommend going to the salon unless she wants her hair to fry!!!!!
Does color oops strip dyed blonde hair like a normal color stripper?
my hair is naturally blonde,but i dyde it dark and now its back blonde but a weird color and i was wondering if it will "color strip" the dyed blonde?
OOPS has NO Bleach or ammonia in it and it says so right on the box. So whoever said it it is a bleach, does not know the facts at all plus says she is a hair stylist . ANYWAY.... What it does do is "shrink" the dye molecules in the hair dye. In other words it breaks the color molecules and thus removing the "color" from your hair. It will probably remove any dye left in your hair. After you use it though, you must 're-dye' to give your hair back a your case, I guess a blonde. Try a neutral or beige blonde to eliminate brassiness or green hues sometimes resulting when ash colors are used. Good luck.
Edit: going to a salon is really your best bet, if you can.
What type of color stripper can i use to get pink out of blonde hair?
i bleached my hair to platinum blonde and put pink and green tips in it, i tried using color oops to get it out but it doesnt work on pink and green, and now i don't know how to get it out. i dont want to dye it back to my original color and i dont want to risk damaging it too much to bleach it again. help??
Have you tried ColourB4? It's fantastic stuff
How would you tell a straight up blonde, whos all boobs and no brains, that she'll never be president.?
Like a blonde stripper at age 23 that she'll never be president. think of cool ways xD im full or random questions today!
You don't, you just laugh behind her back.

Seriously though, you shouldn't. How many times have you had someone tell you that you couldn't do something (espcially when it wasn't their place to do so.). After all, we did have a man with no brains as president for 8 years.
Red hair to platinum blonde , colour stripper ?
I have dyed bright red hair ( it was medium blonde be4 ) and now i want to go back to blonde but like platinum blonde. So i heard of this product called B4 COLOUR REMOVR EXTRA STRENGTH and its ment to bring your hair back to its natural hair colour , i have researched it & has some really great reviews ! So i was thinking of using that then once the colour been removed put XXLIVE Ice Blonde hair dye on my hair for about an hour , do you think this will work ???
You might be better off just using Hair Bleach. That will definitely work. Removing Color and Lightening are two different things. I guess find out if the B4 Remover will also lighten your hair.

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