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Celebrity pics?
okay so i have dark shiney brown hair and i want to change it up so i thought i would put some darkish red highlights. i dont want it to be like completly obiovus. can you find me and pics that i can take in to show my stylist?

dark red highlights are not the nicest to get maybe try a different shades of brown highlights to soften it up. images.askmen.com/galleries/actre…
as you can see she has had some highlights put in and it looks natural.
Where can I find a website filled with galleries of celebrity pics?
large gallery of celebrity pics?

I was at a site a few days ago, had hundreds of photos(good amount of them high resolution) of celebrities. Does anyone know of a site like that?

Thanks I found it on google once, can't find it again.
celebrity pictures, over 100.000 celebrity pictures and supermodel
just go to the site below hope this helped out

Do they blow up celebrity pics for them to look taller?
Kim kardashian is really tiny in person.. but in photos she looks about 5"5'at least...
Do short people generally always look tall in pics, provided that they are not standing next to someone really tall?
i have noticed something about short and tall celeb pics. the TALLER a celeb is, the FURTHER AWAY the pic is taken and the SHORTER the celeb is the CLOSER the pic is taken. esp if there arent other people in the pic with them, you can't really tell how tall/short they are.
How exactly do celebrity pics/vids get leaked?
@Tony Montana
But it's just from MY computer right? There's no 'special' way of getting something off of myspace or something like that? Please answer.
Well you see Cody, I myself work on computers, dealing with security, and information security. If you're a hacker, or someone paid you to go get info or pics from a celeb to expose them it's pretty easy if they know where they live or have access to their pc. Many celebrities have homes that are known and where they live....if a celeb has a wifi internet connection they are more vulnerable, and when you delete something on you're pc it's never gone exactly....if they delete a nude pic it's always retrievable similar to if a murder deletes browsing history of how to kill someone on google, computer forensics can still find any information, because it's never gone...literally unless you smash/destory the hard drive this way...and most other celebs leak their sex tapes for money anyways
How do celebrity moms whose sexy pics are all over handle it?
Has anyone read or heard anything from a celebrity mom on how they handle the fact that their nude pics can be found all over the internet. Especially those with sons who may be hitting puberty soon like Cindy Crawford's son.

I mean his friends etc will be able to see these pics. I will have enough of a problem if my girlfriend's sexy pics were on the internet, but imagine someone in your immediate family?
This is an interesting question because once I saw an interview with Cindy Crawford and she is very well aware of what guys do with her pictures. She was blushing and saying she wonders if guys get her posters laminated.....LOL. I love the naughty side of her.

But I think she is a good mom and would freak if she knew her son googled her images with the safe search feature off.
Why don't people who create fake celebrity nude pics get in trouble?
If someone were to cut and paste a picture of their boyfriend/girlfriend onto a nude body and post it over the internet, would they get in trouble?
First there is Karma: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karma

Second there is the family way users.aol.com/whizguy01/hist.html

Third the donut eaters www.slashfood.com/media/2006/05/s…

So if Karma don't get them, the mob will or they will be looked up, they don't get away with it. They might not get their legs cut off. They might not be thrown in jail. But when they get cancer or the like they will know karma got em.

Where can i get high quality celebrity pics online for free?
pics just coming out the agencies just put online. forums or sites
Why is the Huffington Post having celebrity's penis pics that our age guys may see?
they posted a link to a pic of celebritiy's dick, which may not even be that celebrity. I heard President Obama tell the american people to read the huffington post instead of glenn beck, but the huffington post sends our under age daughters to penis pics what the hell is this about
I find this hard to believe. Since you have not given a link to any news account of this we can't verify it.
At last count there were more pictures of people naked on the internet than live in Europe. A picture of a part of a human being is hardly pornography and most young girls know about this part of the male anatomy when still quite young. And how many guys, or adults for that matter, do you know visit the Huffington Post?
It appears that you have a problem accepting Obama as the President.
Is there a exclusive website which have all the pics of celebrity fashion dress?
Well, which are used in concerts and music videos! I mean stylish ones like Lady Gaga's!
Visit here tinyurl.com/dbb2a5

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