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Why do I have more clear discharge when I wear a thong rather then bikinis?
Just curious.
Maybe you don't...It could just be that the thong is smaller in that "spot" than the bikini is and it just looks like it is more , (the bikini might absorb more and show less)...And then it could be that the thong rides snugger and "hits" the "spot" that makes you feel...well you know...and causes you to get "wet" down there.
Bikinis I am thinking of giving my boyfriend the opportunity?
If you were my boyfriend and I offered you the opportunity to clear out my bikinis and doing whatever he likes with them would you do it?

What would you do with the bikinis if you were him and given the oppurtunity?
Yes I'd do it.

Then I'd invite you to the mall (wow!) to try on lots of new ones for me.

Becuase I see you like to be a bikini model.
How do celebrities or models "prevent" stretch marks,how to get clear skin around hips and buns?
how is it that most models do not have stretch marks.
I know some may photoshopped them BUT i've seen in personal bikini contests clear skin no stretch marks at all.I don't think you can prevent stretch marks but what so they do to keep their skin especially hips area so clear.
Before you start spending loads of money on different creams or surgeries, there are a few simple techniques you can try on your own at home. If your stretch marks are not too severe or aged, you can try taking a body brush and scrubbing the affected areas while in the shower. This loosens up the skin, and removes the dead skin on top, leaving fresh, more normal colored skin underneath.

There are many over the counter creams and oils that you may try which can, in some cases reduce the overall appearance of your stretch marks. One of the recommended creams that will help to reduce the stretch marks is the Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream, which is a multi-enriched treatment specially formulated for stretchmarks.

You can find out abt the details here:…
How long does your skin stay clear of stubble after a bikini wax?
And if I get bumps or irritation how long do they last?
If it's your 1st time it could appear in a week or 2. The more you do it the more damage it does to your hair follicles and the less likely it is to grow back.
How do you clear up razor bumps near the bikini line?
I shaved my bikini line and now I have razor bumps how do I get rid of them?
Do NOT shave against the grain of your hair! That is going to give you way more problems. To help clear them up, use a warm compress on them whenever you can. That will keep the pores and hair follicles open so the hairs don't get trapped under your skin and cause ingrowns. In my opinion, waxing is way better than shaving for the bikini area. I always got HORRIBLE razor bumps and ingrowns when I used to shave. The hair in that area is more coarse than other parts of your body, and when you shave you cut it off in the middle, so when it grows back in, it can be harder for it to get through the skin like it is supposed to. When you wax, it pulls the entire hair out by the root, and when it grows back in, it grows in from the more tapered end first, and helps it get through. If you can afford waxing, I recommend it, and I think most women would.
Why d bikini area of models is so clear ?
The bikini area of mine is sm wat darker in shade than ma original skin tone, but models in bikini hav clear area means matchng their skin tone. can ny of u can tell me hw to reduce d color tone or is dere ny spcl way to hav dem????
Models tend to be very airbrushed, or else some people bleach the skin around that area to lighten it
How fast will the Netreugena body clear body scrub work?
i need it to work FAST cuz i acne all over my back & chest & im going to see my bff who i havent seen in a year this week (friday) & im going 2 hav 2 wear a bikini! help?!?!
oh & will the clean&clear spot treatment help at all?
it works like 2 to 3 days I like the Neutrogena Pink grape fruit
Which foods should i eat to help clear up minor infections?
Once in a while I get a cyst. Sometimes in my earlobe, or shoulder and at the moment I have one near my bikini line on my butt cheek. They have always cleared up on their own and once in a while they come back after a month or two, But not usually. I would like to know what foods I can eat to help clear up these little infections that occur under my skin. Any advice would be appreciated.
Well, while water is probably the number one thing that you need, it doesn't quite answer your question.

Try the Aloe Vera drinks, V-8, and, vegetables.
How do you get a clear smooth bikini area... all of it.?
Now I know this is a little taboo but I need help with this. When I shave in preparation for a night (i like to be somewhat discreet) I shave and moisturize but that never ever stops the bumps and razor burn from coming. sooo my question is how do I get that porn star smooth area... what do i use to make it perfect?
* Apply orange peel paste on and around the pimples.
* Apply garlic on and around the pimples to remove it without a mark.
* Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E are the best nutrients to cure the acne. So take a balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins.
* Mix lime juice and rose water in equal proportion. Apply it on affected areas and allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

Even after the treatment, acne leaves scars. Excellent home remedies to remove acne scars are listed here. Follow these tips to get rid of the acne scars.

* Rub ice cubes on face for 10 minutes to tighten the pores.
* Cucumber juice can also be used to tighten the pores. Apply it and allow it to dry for 10 minutes.============
Where can i get some pictures of cute girls in bikinis?
just so we're clear, i am a girl, and i don't want nudity or anything perverted. i don't even really even want sexy, i just want "cute." it is for an article i am writing for school about teenage girls trying to conform to a certain image. that's all. can anyone tell me where i can get a small collage of teen girls in bikinis? thanks
Websites that are trying to sell bikinis might have what you're looking for.
Like this one for AE:…

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