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How do you get cute/pretty/hot girls at a college party?
I'm going to college soon and I had a hot girlfriend last year. I know of a dozen girls that think I'm hot and at the least cute, but I'm not sure how to get a pretty girl at college. Should i just walk up to a group of girls and start dancing with them? Whats the best way to go about finding cute/pretty/attractive college girls? What's your experience? Girls opinions are very welcome :)
this one u might of heard a thousand times but b ur self!!!! the girls will long 4u if u show them who u really r! dont try 2 be who ur not and definitely dont try to hard ! good luc
What Halloween costume will attract girls at a college party?
I am in college going to a Halloween party. I dont have much money to spend and I am not too crafty so I cant make anything elaborate. But I want something that will get girls attention and or attract girls to talk to me....what are your ideas?
giant banana costume....

What kind of guys do party girls take home at college parties?
I'm not asking how or what you think about this: But I'm wondering what kind of guys are most of these girls into?
If you meet a guy at a party, you can like him and go on a date another time too. But to get in bed with them the same night what qualities do they have? (Any personal experience anyone can share here?)

i.e. Is he funny? Is he hot? Cute? Your friends like him?
Or maybe it's not about him; maybe you go to the party looking to get laid? Or is that not always the case and it just happens?

Share your thoughts! Most interesting, detailed story wins.
One thing you have to remember is that guys who succeed at this arent always successful. Not every woman will go home with them.

Generally they prefer funny/outgoing guys. Basically anyone with the balls to ask them home in the first place.
What Type of Guy do College Party Girls Want to .......?

What type of guys do college party girls like to date? Other party guys? Non-party guys? Shy guys? Others?

not you

How to get girls at a college party?
Hey I never really went to a party before. I'm not a great looking guy either (Im not terrible though. Not fat or anything). How do I get girls at a college party?
Go behind her and grab her booty. ITS COLLEGE BRO!
Why do college girls party?
Not all, but a good amount of college girls like to party, drink, have sex with no strings attached. What happened to their morals? How can they degrade themselves like that? I would think that all college girls are mature enough to make sound decisions.
Nothing better to do I guess. Most people aren't mature until their late 20s or early 30s. I agree with you though it is degrading. Men and women should concentrate on getting a good college education and quit spending more time drinking and getting laid. It seems like college people have no morals at all which is really sad.
Why are most of the good looking girls in college slutty and party whores?
All of the good looking ones are either slutty, or bitchy party girls. Why is that? And the one's who don't do that stuff seem to be taken...
Because they can be.
How can a college student who doesn't like to party, meet girls?
I am 20, and I am about to transfer to a bigger university after this fall semester. I don't party, drink or do any drugs. I have morals, and I will be looking for a relationship. I don't go to bars or anything of that nature. How will I meet nice girls? Where might I meet these girls? I plan on joining 2 or 3 clubs when I transfer universities, so that will increase my chances. What should I expect? Is it hard to meet nice girls at college who don't party, drink, do drugs, ect.???
I also don't drink, smoke or do drugs. There are plenty of opportunities for you to meet nice girls. When you go to college you get to meet new people in class and during group projects. I don't know what you're taking in college, but business and sciences have a lot of beautiful girls. You will get a chance to meet them don't worry, either in a group project or labs or assignments. Believe me i'm in Engineering and it's a sausage fest (90% guys) and I know so many girls from different department. Even when you're eating lunch, go to the gym, etc... you will meet a lot of girls. Just talk to them and ask them what they're taking at school. You might even meet new girls through a friend from your class. There are a lot of nice girls at the library too. You can start out by asking them to watch your stuff while you go get something and when you come back just say 'thanks' and start talking to them. Good luck bro!
What to say to girls at a college party?
I'm a freshmen at a university and am about to go to my first party. I'm not particularly attractive but I'd like to meet girls (though I'm skinny), maybe hook up with a few, and maybe get a few numbers.

I'm a bit shy but I can overcome that. What should I say to girls once I approach them? How do I know if they are with anyone? Thanks!

Great Soundz huh?

Can I get you (a) or another Drink.

Hey you're reaaly cool whats your name... My name is ____

How should I go about approaching girls at a college party?
Obvously, there will be alcohol at the party.
Bro if you need help getting drunk chicks you have serious problems.

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