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When was the last time you got your *** kicked?
Me and my room mates neighbor is trying to bully us around. He always complains to the rent office about our smoking and noise in our apartment. The maintence guy told us the guy said he is gonna kick our *** before he moves next month. He's a great big fat ******, me and my friend are so small time scrubs. Is there anything that we can do to him that is on the border of being illigal but not that serious? He's a real pigeon...
Can anyone recommend a gym workout?
Hi, Long story short, I'm a fat ****** (no point beating about the bush with that issue). Can anyone recommend a gym workout purely for weight loss. I'm not after muscle tone, just weight loss. I would ask the gym instructors there but after my induction I realised there pretentious pricks. Any help appreciated.
any of the cardio equipment. treadmill,bicycle,elliptical is what will cause the most weight loss.
use a different one every time you and you probably won't get bored or if you have a particular favorite then use it.
i personally love a recumbent exercise bike with programmable workouts. i ride for about 30 or 40mins. and i'm through.
How to lose weight in one month?
i have only one month before i go out of town to visit my family and they have really HOT neighbors.. i need to lose weight or im screwed... also because last week i was call a fat mother ****** by a guy that i used to like.. hes a duesh.. I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!
Do 3 sets of 10 push-ups, then do 3 sets of 25 sit ups with 10 secs. in between intervals. Go in a plank for 1 minute. Then run 1 mile for the first week, afterwords increase number of reps once you get use to an exercise and you should be running at least 3 miles a day after the first week. maintain eating at least 2000 calories, with eating fruits, vegetables, grilled fish and chicken. If you have a bike or swimming pool after your workout you should go for a swim or bike a little or maybe do both.
Who thinks that Ric Flair is a chewed up piece of bubble gum that has lost his flake?
It is time for Ric Flair to stop wrestling and realise that he is a washed up has been. When he wrestles his skin is all sagged up, plus he is too fat now. Piss off Flair, you nature ******
Yeah he is way to old to still be Wrestling. WWE gave him the ultimite Farewell but that wasnt good enough for him. He is still wrestling. HE is destroying his legicy. People will remember him for what he is now insted of what he was in the 80's and i hope he regrets it.
What do you think of guys who bully girls?
Telling girls that they need help, making fun of her and bullying her! Why do guys bully girls? This ugly ****** who use to be fat is now skinny and he said I need help, trying to **** with my head and make me feel bad about myself, what should I do?
They are cowards and insecure weaklings.
Why is Kelly Lastiwka such an asshole?
This jerk thinks he's god's gift to women, and he's a fat, bald old ****** that should bloody well retire because he's an incompetant JERK OFF!
Likely this person has been bullied in their guyhood or any of their past and this has made them have to bring themselves back up again. In an attempt to do this, she puts down others to try to make herself seem superior. Dealing with these people is part of day-to-day life. If you would like, you can try the method of sluffing off everything she says and turning the other cheek which can sometimes be effective when trying to get someone to leave you alone. If not, confront her. Hope i helped. :)
Fat people who think they are strong, buff? What went wrong?
*I'm not english*...

It's people who are fat and slow, people who wear big "Be afraid of me" Hoodies, people who think they can mess around with guys that they think looks weak in their eyes!..

Now it's quite fun when one of those slightly pushes you against a wall telling you stuff like "You're weak, and you're always weak" When i actually know i could do serious head damage to that ******! It really wonders me why they want to be something they can't be, people like these can't even run more than 5 seconds, then they get tired and sweaty! They would surely throw a slow fat punch, while normal healthy people/not fat people could throw atleast 5 quick and damaging hits at that same time!

So what do you people think about guys like that? And how should i react if **** like that happens again, meanwhile he said that stuff to me..... I simply took it as a joke, but i know it's not a joke at all... It's some weird "Warning i'm big and strong" **** message that pisses me off deeply -.-!
its insecurity my friend:
for example skinny girls bashing on girls heavier than them (even if its only 1 pound). if you interpret what those girls are really thinking is "thank god i'm not fat, i don't want to be fat"
"we reflect our insecurities on other people"
that is true, those guys picking on people and calling them weak are really thinking "i sure hope he is scared so i don't have to fight him, my penis is small so i'll use my muscles/fat as a back-up, thank god im not a wimp, im cool"
so just ignore it, becuase when they pick on you all they are doing is showing you their insecurities. one day a bigger guy will come and shut them up or maybe it already happened; that's why they pick on others, becuase they felt impotent and weak.
Why are fat black women usually so ignorant and disgusting?
This does not pertain to decent black people who are honest and act mature.

It seems no matter where you go, in traffic, at the store, vacation, doctors office, etc., there is a 100 percent chance there is a big sloppy proud (for whatever reason?) Obese black girl with big half-assed tattoos of her name or nicknames (as if she forgets her name sometimes and can locate it on her left tit) within your immediate area. There spreading. Like a disease. Driving their beat up 1993 oldsmobile proudly marching, ebt card in hand, to the nearest food store every 1st and 15th of the month.

I just have some questions I also want to ask. I don't know any of these um, people, personally or I would have asked. I'm sure as hell not afraid of these, um, people.

Why are you so proud? (What reasons do you have? Is it ignorance, have you experienced so much negative actions towards you that you had to created a false atmosphere soaked in a false sense of confidense?)

Why are you so ignorant? (And don't say "because of people like you" or racism, cause this ain't the 1960s mother ******, not even those people who are still alive even act like you, and they actually have a reason to be pissed)

Why are you so fat? (Statistically speaking, black women have the highest obesity rate of any race, don't believe me? Google it. And I don't want to hear no ***** *** excuse on how black people got back and its inherited. Please, what's on your *** is anything but attractive, it may have a mind of its own)
Why are you so, well, stupid. (You talk as if the one part of your brain that produces legit grammer "ran down the crack of your mommas *** and ended up as a brown stain on a mattress" the day you were conceived.)

Seriously though, don't pull the whole race card here, cause honestly you're not fooling anyone.
If this is racist then I don't care. You need to know your life isn't appreciate if you act like a total piece of ****. Okay being fat iis the least import part, but most of you act like ignorant assholes in public. Its not that white people are afraid of you when they don't do or say anything, because if a black woman got smart with me or hit me, id do her one better, it'd that white people and other normal black people are more mature than you and CHOOSE not to escalate the situation.
wheres the statistics of them being ignorant?

its not fat black girls

its whoever is raised the way to be rude and disgusting

which is called trash

this seems more like a rant

not a question
Could I mop the floor with your fat ***?
it's covered in stuff needs mopping up. I might use a fulffy cat.

no pussy jokes...I'll ************* KILL YOU MOTHER ******!!!!!!
Is verbal abuse an assault?
If someone screams up the street to you "lose weight you fat ******"

Would that be assault?
I can never tell what country people are from!

If you are in the UK then I can give you a half accurate answer, if not, then I can't.

Verbal assault is not a legal term, that is to say that criminals do not get charged and appear in court for such matters.

That said, if by a persons words and behaviour they "put [you] in fear of immediate and unlawful personal violence" then that is technically an assault (Interestingly if they then lay a finger on you then that is battery, not assault)

Anyway, there are laws about the behaviour that you have described. For instance Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1988 says it is an offence to use abusive, threatening or insulting words language or behaviour with the intention of casuing alarm distress of harrassment. (That is clearly what happened in the incident that you described)

Also there is the harrassment act 1996 which covers similar points (but for this the naughty person has to "pursue a course of conduct" and also they have to know that they shouldn't be doing it.)


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