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What are these tiny bumps that are on my female dogs anal area?
Both of my min-pin female dogs have suddenly developed numerous bumps on their anal area, as well as their abdomen. They are dragging their bellies on the rug, and their bottoms are becoming inflamed from them licking at it. What could be the problem that "both" dogs have this problem at the same time?
they could be fleas or other parasites
How do i empty my female dogs anal sac?
how do you empty a female dogs anal sac?
I have a Chi that I have to do this for and I will tell you, I did research, watched video's, talked with people and the best thing you can do for your dog is have the vet show you the first time or two. You can injure your or hurt your dog and that is something you do not want your dog to fear every time you go near him/her.

I suggest watch a video, read up on it and then go to the vets and have him actually walk you through it. Every piece of research and video, as good as they were did not really help me located the glands properly as the vet did, and yes it was not pleasant!

Good Luck! *;*
Does the bible Torah or Quran prohibit male / female anal sex ?
A lot of people are disgusted by the thought of homosexual sodomy but I cannot find any laws or prohibition of Male female sodomy ?

Is there anything about this in any holy book ?
Heterosexual sodomy is seen a sbeing forbidden and is referred to as "unnatural cohabitation" in various rabbinical writings. where the prohibition comes from is a matetr of debate.
1) The same place as homosexual sodomy. the reasoning for this is that we follow the context wihin which the verse is found- in this case it is within discussions of various forbidden heterosexual relationships. Why is it raised in the homosexual context then? The reason for this would be that the Torah uses the minimal required language. the male/male penetrative sex act is much easier to articulate in the euphemastic manner that he Torah uses here than if a male/female penetrative acrt was being described (as there is also normal vaginal sex which is allowed).
2) Some place it within the area of acts done by the egyptians that are forbidden to us
3) Other argue it comes under the heading of "disgusting" behaviours and is thus forbidden.

However, there are opinions that allow it in a limited sense. While disapproving of it, and statign it should not be done, rambam does state that if a married couple's relationship is being destroyed because of a desire for this kind of act, and them not doing it, they can perform the act but should do so only to cure themselves of the desire and should not make it something they do frequently. However, the majority opinion (and the one we follow), is that the act is forbidden and cannot be done
What is the proper way for a female to clean her anal tunnel for an anal pounding?
Im going to give a friend some anal attention buy she needs to be clean in the tunnel, how to best clean in there so we have no accidents?
Go to any drug store and buy a fleet enema. Have her use it and follow the instructions on the package. Use plenty of lube and a condom too and you will be fine. Pound away!
Does having a sexy and wide *** for a female likely to make boyfriend ask for anal sex ?
Is sexiness of female *** related to anal sex naturally? Did nature meant to promote anal sex by making female *** so curvaceous and wide ( i know its for baby birth the pelvis is wide of females...but female *** got its own attraction irrespective of reproduction behaviour )
Not necessarily. Some men are completely disgusted by the idea of anal sex. However, for those that do enjoy anal sex, you are probably more likely to be asked.
How does a man cope with an urge to have anal with a female when most females don't like it?
What is the concensus of how many females do it, like it and how many have done it and don't like it?
I don't like it. I will let my husband insert a finger, which satisfies his urge to play with it, but I will never have anal sex with him.
I have a problem with my 2yr old female cat expressing her anal glands.?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get the anal glands removed? It's happening more and more frequently and it's so gross! Also, what is the liquid that comes out? Is it fecal matter in any way? UGH Please help.
It isn't fecal matter. It's material produced by the anal glands located near the anus. It's for marking. I don't know the cost, but you could call around to some vets and find out. Food can affect them. Be sure not to give treats and feed a high quality food.
Does having a sexy and wide (a s s) for a female likely to make boyfriend ask for anal sex ?
Is sexiness of female ( a s s ) related to anal sex naturally? Did nature meant to promote anal sex by making female (a s s) so curvaceous and wide ( i know its for baby birth the pelvis is wide of females...but female (a s s) got its own attraction irrespective of reproduction behaviour )
Guys seek new sensations - hence they enjoy anal sex. While the shape of your butt is a visual stimulus it alone does not cause the desire of skinny girls with small butts would not have guys wanting anal with them and believe me guys do.

In part it is because the vagina is fully ridged with tissues designed to pleasure our organ as it moves in and out of your body but the sensations are quite subtle although pleasurable. The anal passage is smooth and yes more snug so the sensations are much more acute. Then add the taboo idea of anal sex and well you can see the attraction for us guys in this special area of your anatomy.
Who is the hottest female pornstar who does anal and freaky stuff like gangbangs?
Would like to know, thanks for your help
Teagan Presley. Both me and my boyfriend love her videos.
What are the risk of anal sex (im a female)?
Me and my bf have been talking about it for a while and he want's to try it. And i just want to know what the risk are? Im a female. 100% straight.
Well there not much risk in anal if you do it right. First you need to make sure that you are the one the controls the movement don't let him. Second lube and a lot of it as well the kind that we use is Anal Eaze works great. and you need to know that you can get pregnant from having anal sex as well because if his sperm comes out your butt hole it can run into your puss. The risk are about the same as your puss the only difference is is that you a tighter in your butt hole. My wife and I have anal sex a lot and we have had not problem. If you have more question you can text me at 7063315808 or you can email me Phillips_Jeremy86@yahoo.com

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