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Did my boyfriend watch porn ot not?
When I was scrolling through the history to look up a page I'd visited before, I came across this:

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I asked my boyfriend whether he watched porn on the pc, and he sweared on my life that he didn't. He's a pc expert and so had many possible explanations as to why these google search results (of images and videos) appeared in the history. I'm not sure whether I believe him as things haven't been that great between us recently.
We've been together 3.5 years and I was convinced he was the one for me. Now I've been financially supporting him for 2.5 years (he can't seem to find a job) and I'm trying very hard to function, having recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (already having Graves' disease).
I just don't know what to do. It would help me to know whether it's possible to generate above-mentioned history without actually having visited the pages so I know whether he's lied to me.
with the timing--it doesn't look like he actually watched anything--but did do a search....what happened at 4:22? Its hard to tell if he stopped there or not..

is he legitimately trying to find a job? even outside his field...things like best buy, staples...anything?
A few sexual and masturbation questions...?
I was just looking for a main overall site that would have advice, tips, questions, faqs, blogs, something, where I can ask questions, but I can't find a site I think I can really trust or one that I think would be popular enough to have a wide range of feedback. So I'll ask my questions on here, and if you can direct me to a good site (im a teen), then that'd be great.

1) How long does it take you/most women to orgasm?
2) What techniques you know of (give me really graphic and detailed) do you/women do to orgasm? What exactly do you do and how long do you do it, (do you pause and get at it again, do you keep going, etc.) Often, I wonder how some girls are able to keep going at it with themselves and not stop. Or are there girls like that? It just gets so pleasurable it's almost unbearable.
3) Are there any exercises I can do to increase my endurance and the amount of times I can keep going? (I thought it was only boys who could last for 5-20 min. and girls could last for hours, but I guess not. I still have yet to try that theory with a partner(s)
4) I have experienced the want to pee before I orgasm, and I've researched it and know that it's normal, but sometimes I let go and pee actually comes out. I don't think yet I've tried to reach orgasm after I pee and see if something comes out, but.. And when you do ejaculate the watery clear liquid, is it supposed to spurt out a few feet? Also, where does it come out? Through the urethra? How does that work?

5) Are there any pills/herbs I can take to make me stay wetter longer? I get dry pretty soon, but I still want to keep going, but it kinda hurts afterward cuz there's nothing lubricating it. (and at this point, im too afraid to use lube itself)
6) What kind of brand of lubricant should I use? I want it to be water-based, unscented (no fragrance!!),that's really mild and for idk. Im just really afraid of getting a yeast infection, and I'm always wondering what they mean for "external use only". Does that mean you can't put it inside your vagina, or what?
7) where can I get the best, cheapest dildo? I watch shop erotic when i can't sleep, and some of the ones i really like are $169.
8) How do I know when I've finished orgasming? I've read that one definition of orgasm is the tensing up of muscles (which i get) and then release. but usually my release is when i can't take it anymore, and im lyk, ok, i reached the good point, just relax now. With boys, when they ejaculate, their dildong deflates and it's useless for a while and you can't arouse them right after. But after I orgasm, sometimes I go back up and it's still really tender.
9)do i have to worry about oil getting in there? is that dangerous, or what?
10) do most women shave their pussy or not? Every time I try, it itches like hell and I vow not to do it again. Do you have to just keep doing it until it gets used to it and doesn't irritate and actually feels soft?
11)for waxing, do I have to worry about the wax getting inside?
12) anal sex has always confused me. I'll be blunt and say, what about the poop? Do you clean it out before, and how?
13) What really good sites do you know of that have erotic stories? Personally, I like short, graphic ones that get to the point.
14) What site has free porn vids set in the past? (ancient greek, rennaissance, 16th to 18th centuries) I'm always wishing they had versions of movies (underworld, lord of the rings, any part where the movie starts to get racy) where they go all the way into a full out porn sex scene? (yes, I watch porn, get over it.)

I think that's it. You don't have to answer these questions yourself, you can just give me a site that would have one or all of these questions answered. And note, I am asking these questions freely, graphically, and bluntly because I feel these are perfectly legitimate curiousity sex questions to be asking and that it's normal. (I mean, that's the assurance I've gotten.) Thank you for your advice and understanding. :)'s a great site,but lemme see if i can answer a few of your questions irregardless.

1).That depends on the woman of course.Every womans body is different and responds differently to sexual excitement.It depends entirely on the woman.
2).If you want to know all that in graphic detail just check out,it has masturbation techniques submitted by all women.
3).The longer the endurance depends entirely on you.If you want the feeling to last then you keep rubbing your clit.
4).No;when a girl comes it usually just oozes out of the vagina.The only time a girls juice squirts a few feet it's called "squirting" (you should google it). No one really knows where *** comes from.It could be the urethra,it think the site i gave you goes into it more.
5).You don't always have to use lube.A great soloution is to use warm baby oil.It substitutes as a lub if you don't want to use lube.Or better yet,try non-scented lotion.In order to **** more you should try different techniques.The masturbation technique that makes you **** more is the one you should use.
6).No,you should never put it directly in your vagina.It could irritate it.I would just rub it on my hands and smooth it over my vagina if i were you.
7) gives great info on cheap dildos.Or better yet you can use homemade dildos around your house
8).Whenever you feel all the tension in your body release.
9).I would try not to get it in there it could irritate your vagina
10).Some women do,some don't.If it makes you uncomfortable i wouldn't do it.And you can always wax,its better.
11)again,try not to
12).Um,well i would try to wash as good as i can before i participate in anal sex.
13).again,they have tons of erotic stories.
14).hmmm.I would try
I am nervous about "cruising" because I am not sure if I am gay all-the-way.?
I just watched the movie "Milk" and I have been giving a lot of thought to converting to an alternative lifestyle.

Right now I am straight and have a GF and watch guy-girl pornography. Gay guys seem so free and I want to be free, too.

I am nervous about cruising because I think gay men are very clever and may trick me and take advantage of me or give me a disease.

BTW how did you know you were gay? Did you always like guys, and does the thought of anal sex with another man excite you, because it terrifies me. Thanks.
If you are not gay, you are not gay. If, however, you are only playing at being straight and beginning to realize your true orientation then of course you should go for it. An only half-hearted straight life, if you were born for a gay one, will only leave you unfulfilled. Perhaps you like both kinds of sex. In any event it seems you are ignoring something natural for yourself. You do not need to cruise the streets late at night or hang out in gay bars to find a relationship. You just need to be yourself and be open to opportunities that will surely come your way. I have never liked bars or casual sex (not that I have totally eschewed either!), and most of my adult life I have been in a fairly serious relationship. I knew I was gay at about the age of eight, but did not know the words. My parents told me I was gay as soon as I began asking questions (age 12), and they were totally supportive. I have had a few very sweet experiences with female friends, but never considered myself bisexual. Anal sex is nothing to be afraid of. It just takes practice (and lube!).
Is my husband addicted to porn?
I am getting so sick of my husband watching porn. I used to be able to put up with it but it is getting out of hand. I am really worried he is addicted to porn and masturbation. First, he keeps asking me to do all the things he sees in the movies like anal and he keeps insisting on letting him ejaculate on my face and mouth. It seems we can't even have normal sex anymore. Second, he will he get up in the middle of the night and watch internet porn and then come back into bed and masturbate right next to me like I do not exist. Third, any time he has free time he is sitting at the computer. He thinks I do not know he his looking at porn. Just this past week I caught him masturbating twice. And lastly, he seems to have an uncontrollable urge to masturbate all the time! We will be driving and he will get an erection and just start whacking his penis in the car. When i ask him what the heck he is doing he says he is thinking of porn.

This is affecting our relationship and I worry it will start affecting his career as well.

What should we do?

BTW...I am 25 and he is 33. We have been married two and do not have any guyren yet. I worry how we can ever have one with his behavior.
Whether we label your husband's behavior an "addiction" or not, the fact is that the behavior and/or your perception of it is becoming a serious strain on you and, consequently, your relationship. Time to bring in outside help. I

I suggest that, in a time frame when the two of you are calm, you say to him, "Look, your approach to sexual satisfaction is getting so far outside my comfort zone that it is causing me an unhealthy anxiety and I fear may have grave consequences for our relationship if we do not address it. I am going to see a well-trained, professional marriage counselor about how to go forward positively with this situation. I am asking you to go with me. So please take some time to let me know if you will go with me, I would like to know your response by this time next week."

Then, drop the subject for the entire week while continuing to treat him respectfully. If he tries to address the issue in detail, his motive (even if subconscious) is probably to try to discourage you from going to the counselor or to deny that it is a problem to him/you/the two of you. Simply say that you appreciate that he is thinking about the issue but that you have thoughtl about this and that you are committed to asking an objective, well-trained person for some guidance on how to go forward in a positive way.

Then, during the week you have given him to consider the matter, diligently obtain the names of well-trained, professional marriage counselors and create a short list that you can contact. (Many have a long waiting list for an appointment, so you might want to call the counselor's office only to inquire how long you would might have to wait for an appointment.

Then, at the time of the deadline you established--again, in a respectful manner--make a direct statement: "Well, as you know, a week has passed since I shared with you that I am going for some professional guidance and I asked you to consider going with me, so I would like to know what you have decided."

Regardless of his answer, you are sending the signal that you do not intend to let things remain the same, that you are for making things better. Regardless of his answer (Yes, no, maybe, whatever), your answer can be the same: "OK." End of conversation. You don't have to make a show of it, but go to a phone and make your appointment. Don't beg him to change a no to a yes, don't punish him. Treat him with respect while you take care of dealing with this with professional guidance. Don't be dramatic about counselor appointment times with him. Just politely go about scheduling and keeping your appointments just as if you were seeing a doctor regularly for getting your blood pressure checked.

As you go, your counselor can guide you from here. But go. Take care of yourself. You have invited him to help take care of himself and to take care of the relationship. Either way, you go. Best wishes.
Crazy dream that my best guyhood friend raped me anally--Dream Interpretation please?
In the dream: I was dating a guy for a while and I did not know about him..then I backed off a little as things started to get physical...but then I regretted it and I seduced him to a book store....and I realized I was in love w/ him and wanted him to take my virginity. He lays me down on my stomach....I begin to feel uneasy and I change my mind, but he doesn't let me up... he touches my flesh w/ his penis, and then he rapes me anally... but not vaginally....It wasn't excruciating pain, but it did hurt and was very this point it becomes apparent that my lover is not a man at all but my junior high best friend turned nemisis Ann! I see her long brown hair. And she's mean and nasty, and taunting me... I break free ...we struggle and fight for control over the situation, we're on a skylight and below is a school--I haven't been in school in white a while and idk why a Manhattan book store overlooks a junior high, but all of a sudden I'm in the hallways of a strange,empty school and it's kind of dark with patches of light but I can't see much. She is pursuing me aggressively. She catches me several times and I just keep breaking free and running.... I am safeguarding my virginity, my dignity, possibly even my life......... as I jerkily wake up, my last thought is of a lawsuit and a doctor's appointment to deal with the rape I've suffered while trying to prevent another violation.
Towards the end of the dream, characters from the movie Grease flash through my head and my first thought upon waking up is Kramer from Seinfeld, the scene where he reprimands Jerry's girlfriend for trying to break into show business by plotting to hurt a broadway star.

I'm 25 years old, will be 26 this month. I never have had sex, anal or vaginal. I have had an extremely difficult time with relationships--the beginning of the dream is very true to life--I do tend to pull away from relationships, then regret it and perhaps overcompensate in order to get him back. And it never works. However, my guyhood friend raping me anally is just so beyond bizarre--I don't live in the town I grew up in, and haven't for YEARS. Since 1997. I don't even live in the town I went to high school in.... I've been living in a different part of the country, without any ties to my former life. So i really have no idea where that came from. As for the images of Grease...well, when I was a guy, I yearned for fame more than anything. Still do. I am crestfallen that I never achieved my guyhood, and lifelong, ambition.

The most interesting part of the dream, obviously, is when, just as I lay down in contentment and love with a perceived romantic partner, who I at the time feel so romantically suited with, his guise metls away to reveal my vicious guyhood friend/nemisis and then she rapes me anally as I am on my stomach, a position which is almost impossible to gain control--although I, personally, feel most vulnerable on my back with a large person over me...but anyway... please help analyze this with me. Thank you kindly in advance.
Stop smoking weed right before you go to bed
What should we do for our next date?
I met "Charles" last week at a bar. He was really friendly with me, and invited me out to go clubbing with him the following night. We had an amazing time, and I slept over at his place, though we didn't have sex. Last night, he had me over for dinner and a movie. We talked about having anal, but decided against it, so instead, I blew him and gave him a hand job. He seems really cool, and I really like him. And best of all, his apartment is only 15 minutes away from mine, so we're free to spend a lot of time together. I really wanna see him again ASAP, but I don't wanna appear overly clingy. Any advice on what our next date should be? I was thinking about going out to the movies, to dinner or something, but that can be kinda boring. Any advice? I am so excited to have met a nice guy that likes me back. I'm gonna have a smile on my face all day at work today lol.
Aww! This made me smile! =D

I think the most basic things can make for a date.. You could just walk around the town and share interest and chat with each other, get to know one another better. While doing that you might come across something that you guys might wanna do. Movies can be fun! Just don't pick suck-ish movies haha You could ice skate! It is that time of the year and so what if you aren't the best! That's what makes it fun and memorable!

IDK there a lot of things you can do, I'm just braindead lmaoo

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