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Which fat guy-highschool college footbal underwear flagpole movie is this? I forgot.?
I watched in in like 1993 or 94ish.

It's a movie about high school or college football and the main character is this really fat boy who is on the football team. He has a crush on a girl, and he gets picked on by the jocks and stuff.

One part i remember; the jocks stole his XXXL underwear from the lockeroom and hoisted it on the flagpole, the underwear than tore in the wind and SPLAT into the face of the hot girl.

What movie was it?
ANGUS, that's what mu husband said. lol
OMG! Why did he say this!! 10 EASY POINTS?
hi my name is ashley... so theres this hot jock in my swimming class 4th hour... so today he was standing next to the pool with his small underwear!!! so i approached him and said Your underwear is wayyyy too small for you! he smiled at me and said Wow thank you very much!

i dont get it!! what did he mean??? plzz explain 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER
he probably though u was looking at his private parts
How do you treat jock itch?
Im going to MMA classes and most likely wear a jock strap. Problem I'm having is that I live in Florida and it gets hot which gets me sweaty which makes me worry about developing jock itch. I need to know how to prevent jock itch from happening and if I do get it how do I treat it? By the way my jock strap looks like regular underwear but it says "Bike" on the waist strap. Will this increase my chances for developing jock itch?
Goldbond, its nice. Used it for football practice all the time.
Pressure, in private parts?
ok, for some reason i like preesure on my d*ck, like tight underwear, only i dont have any but my dad does and i have a pair on but they r too big, and i was wondering how to tighten them up so they pleasure me?? i love seeing guys in underwear, tight kinds, it is hot, maybe how to make a homemade jock??? or something tight i can wear around?
When you see a hot guy in his underwear or a jock, just ask him if you can have them because you think he is hot.
Or tell him that you want to take him underwear shopping on-line:
Is it ok for people to see my girlfriend in her lingerie?
i am in a long distance relationship. at her school they have these events where college students would run around their campus in their underwear aka girls in lingerie and guys in their jocks. So basically a bunch of guys and girls half nude.

my girlfriend says all her friends are going and than says her freind's bf is going too...and all her roomates are going... and her friend wants her to go too badly...

i dont want to seem like a bad bf and deny her and be the reason why she cant go.. i mean the only issue i have is...
1. shes in sexy lingerie HALF NUDE
2. guys will check her out.. i mean i thought her is lingerie is only for me?
3. she will see all these guys with hard rock bodies and nude chest.

we all know why guys do it.. its too just check out the hot girls in their lingerie...

Overall I think she should go cus she should exp it...but idk its weird knowing your gf is in lingerie and the whole world sees it.


i love her alot but i dont want to be a controlling bf i jut want her to tell her how i feel i mean.. heck i would feel weird running in my underwear along with other girls in lingeire too

but shell be running with half nudd guys and girls sigh

and i cant join cus i love 20 hrs away

Control freak!
Everyone at school plays this stupid game, what are your opinions on it?
All the jocks and their girlfriends play this game at school. My boyfriend plays it too, and invites me to play it but I always say no. Our English class had a supply teacher that was a pushover and didn't know much English. All the guys that play gather around at a table. They take turns rolling a die and if you get 1 or 6 then you need to take off 1 piece of clothing. I was watching them play, so first this girl got 1 so she took off her bracelets and necklace, then her jacket, then her tank top (she was sitting in her bra and no one said anything) then she took her shoes, socks, but the teacher came and she was like what's going on, and I don't know what the girl said but the teacher left them alone, then left the class. (mind you, the other plays are partially nude at this point as well). Next, this girl opens up her bra (doesn't take it off) and takes off her pants. (mind you, teacher has gone out to get something). So there is a girl sitting down in nothing but underwear and a bra. She sat like that for about 10 minutes into the game until she rolled a 1. Shes so stupid, she takes a pair of scissors and starts cutting her bra off. (i dont know why she can't just take it off) The guys keep inviting me to play but I always said no. The entire class is watching this girl trying to cut off her bra. She gets it off then shes sitting there with her boobs on the table. The teacher comes back and the girl just covers her private parts with a jacket. The teacher doesn't say anything. Like 5 mins later, the teacher gets up and tells the class she needs to go to a meeting, and there is still 15 minutes left in class. When she leaves, the guys lock the door just to be safe. Then, this idiot girl rolls a 1 and she gets up and takes the scissors and cuts the bottom of her underwear, then pulls it off. Everyone is cheering her. She takes the underwear and puts it in the teachers drawer, and she puts her bra in the teachers briefcase. She dances around naked and everyone is looking at her like wtf. She puts her clothes back on when the bell rings and we go out to lunch (one guy that was playing was completley naked from the belt down as well). After lunch our actual teacher was back, and then he sits down and opens his drawer and sees the underwear. He yells so much and he randomly goes up to some girl and checks to see if shes wearing a bra. He said he is going to see if the girls are wearing bras but then he didn't because he knew it was wrong. He yelled so much and hes cutting all activites until he finds out who did this. But he thinks I did it, so I can't tell him who did it because he thinks I'm trying to save myself. What should I do!!!

(he also wrote down the names of the 4 people he thinks did it. They were me, the girl who did do it, and two other girls. It's so wrong since he picked the hot girls)
yeah ok, likely!! u bored or something, lol!
Im a 20 year old female but i get turned on by gay porn, ialso wanted to get a strap on to a bf, pls help?
i know this will sound extremely strange, but the thought of two (hot) men having sex is such a turn on, i also like men in womens underwear and i occasionally have dreams about putting on a jock strap and taking as man from behind. every boyfriend i have had since turning 16, i have made either wax or shave everywhere (and i mean everywhere). I feel as though i shouldntg have these feelings any longer as i have a son and as im a single mum i am his only influence. Am i a freak, or is this normal?? please be honest, but not nasty!! thankyou!!!!
I'm pretty much the same, girl! There's nothing wrong with being turned on by the idea or sight of gay male sex (please- so many guys are turned on by lesbians!), and there's nothing wrong with wanting to perform strap-on sex (which many guys find quite pleasurable). Making someone shave kind of sucks, if that person doesn't want to shave, but there's nothing wrong with expressing a preference for hairlessness and asking your partners if they wouldn't mind doing it for you.

I'm not sure what being a single mom has to do with it; unless you're making your son shave and talking to him about your sexual proclivities and desires, it's not going to influence him. Most parents keep their personal sexual lives private from their guyren, and it works quite well.

You're normal, darling. :)
Something happened on the last day of school...?
So all the jocks and there girlfriends play this game at a table. My boyfriend tells me to play but I say no...

So we had a supply teacher because our other teacher was coming after lunch.

So the game is simple, you all sit around in a table and take turns rolling a dice. If you get 1 or 6, you take off one piece of clothing. So these guys were playing 5 of them. First they took of watches, jackets, jewlery, etc. Then, the teacher said that she is going and to behave for the last 10 mins before lunch. So they kept playing, but this super slutty girl named Jen got a 6. She took off her top and she was sitting in her bra. Everyone was like WOOOOO!!! She got a 1 again and she took off her UNDIES! omfg!! i was like r u crazy! and she took her underwear, and she PUT IT IN THE TEACHERS DRAWER!!! Then I was like u people are so stupid, and she got up and took her bra and put it in the teachers briefcase!! She put her jacket and pants then we all skipped...

We came back after lunch and our teacher said hes handing back tests. I was sitting next to my boyfriend... he saw the bra and he yelled at our class for like 15 mins. Then hes like " I KNOW WHO DID IT! " and he wrote the names of three girls who did it.

He wrote:

Ashley ( me )
Jen (girl who did it)
Courtney (random girl)

But, the weird part is, we are the hottest girls in the class! He is so biased!

What do I do???
Have people tell him who it really was.

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