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In what city should I move if Im interested in meeting a latin woman?
I'm looking for a woman to hopefully live with and have a family in the future. I'm very attracted to latin women. Any suggestions? I'll answer just for the two points
New York:
Washington Heights aka The Heights



Other places. We're taking over America! next stop is Canada!
Does a white family accept a lighter skinned woman of latin descent into the family easily?
I'm a lighter skinned latin woman, if I married a white man do you think his family would be accepting to me?
Basically if you look white 9 times out of 10 they will accept you right away.

Even if you weren't chances are they would still be fine with it. People tend to be less worried about their sons than their daughters when it comes to stuff like this
Why would you choose to date a latin woman?
I just want to hear different opinions. Have you dated a latin woman before? if not would you like to?
generous mammaries
What are the highest percentage of woman to date latin men?
im a other/latin male and i was just curious about the percentage of woman to date Latin guys? like who is the highest statistically speaking: white women black women Asian women Polynesian women Latin women etc.
and how is this a GLBT question?
How can I tell a beautiful Latin woman how beautiful she is in Spanish?
Want to hear from Latin women on this-tell, me, in Spanish, what the best thing a guy could say to you is?
Hey! I'm Mexican, I'll tell you some ways.

You can tell her:

Qué preciosa eres! (How beautiful you are).

Eres la mujer más hermosa que he visto en mi vida! (You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life).

Eres la cosa más linda y bella que he visto! (You're the sweetest and most beautiful thing I've ever seen).

Wow! Qué belleza de mujer! (Wow! Women's beauty you are!).

Buena suerte galán!

What do Latin woman think of the American accent?
What to Latin woman think of the American accent?
Im going on a trip to Panama and Colombia this summer. Im from California, and i have your basic american accent. im wondering if girls from Latin America find the California accent sexy?
an accent that would take us years to master it
proab they will think ur some rich guy
Do Asian American men prefer having a Latin woman as his wife or a White woman as his wife?
White women are usually better at having fun and excitement. Latin women are usually better at caring for her family. What do Asian men really want ? Do they want excitement or a loving spouse ?
Caring, because to most of us that matters most...
I hope I helped
What is this Latin woman- Indian man thing going on?
recently for past few months i am seeing so many question cropping up asking what people think about latin woman and indian man dating....i get pissed off by these type of stupid questions because latin woman or rather Hispanic woman would never be accepted in the Indian society , still then why are some indian men running after them?
After Barbara mori starred in that movie with that Indian guy.
What is the difference between a Latin American woman and a Latina?
Is there a difference between a Latin American woman and a Latina? If anyone could explain this it'd be greatly appreciated.
they're the same thing. latin american means a person who is descended from people of latin america. a latina is a female, latino is a male.
What hand does a latin woman wear her engagement ring on?
Latin country in specific is Peru. And what hand does the wedding ring go on?
on the right one!

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