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How can i be more mature? my immaturity is killing my life style.?
i do good dating younger females 17 18 im 19 but i met this girl she 21 she fine as hell, we talking but sometimes i do immature stuff and i dont wanna **** up i want her bad. please help me.
control words, action. think thru b4 utterance. read to get confidence
Is he too young for me or is it okay?
okay so i am a lonely chick who just wants to ahve a guy who loves me and cares about me. Someone who doesn't care what i look like and is fun to be around. Well i thought that the most mature guys who could be like that had to be older than 18... Well i am 15 and turning 16 this April. Anyways i was cheated on, broken up wiht, and broke up with the guys.

One guy was 18 and he cheated on me with another chick and got ehr pregnant. Another guy was 24 i broke up with hm because he got too clingy and too desperate, had to know where i as and all. Too much. Another guy was 19 and he was too jealous and became a huge asshole whenever i talked to another guy. One guy decided that i didn't have sex with him enough so he wanted to leave me. All the others were too immature and acted like total idiots around everyone. they had no manners infront of adults and was rude around guyren never watched their language. And always acted a fool around the elderly. These huys are all ****-tards.

Well i got tired of getting my heart screwed with, so i gave up on datin, but i got lonely and just wanted someone who wanted to be with me just because.

Thuis new guy moved into the house across the road from me, i mean i can look out my window and see his house. He rides my bus and he has the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen. Anyways he is sweet and said he will wait for sex till i am ready, and he said he has been hurt before, and doesn't want it to happen. So he understands what i want. He told me looks don't matter he just wants soul. He holds my hand, hugs me, kisses me tenderly n my cheek. Cuddles me when i hurt, and warms me up when i am cold. When i am sad he tries to make me laugh and whan i don't cheer up he holds me and talks to me, tries to see wahts wrong, how he can ake it better... Anyways i am really falling for this guy but the problem is is that i refuse to date guys younger than me. I am a souphmore in highschool and he is fourteen and in eighth grade. he turns fifteen in like June or July. I am already dating him because i really do like this guy... a lot... but do you think this guy is for real? or is he just too young and i should keep trying the older guys? Say anything you need to say t help me out here.
:P I see no problem with it at all.
I mean, I think HE is too young for sex xD
So, maybe wait a bit for that o_o
But, I mean, He doesn't seem like he wants what the other guys wanted from you.
You've got nothing to lose, if he hurts you, You can just go back to no dating.
But, I say take the chance.[:
It really just comes down to your decision.

And for the people, that are being so mean, Really, Just shut up -.-
This website is for helping people and answering their questions.
Not putting them down for their mistakes and judging them.
She asked for help, Not to be called a whore.
Grow up.
What is up with all these young guys falling in love with dubstep?
i mean in my town of santa cruz, like all these guys fresh out of middle schoole jumped on dubstep. some songs are good ad have slapes but others just sound like a 4 minute long traffic accident with no rythm what so ever.
maybe its because guys these days look up to the whole club scene and in sc, a dubstep show is the closest thing to that...i guess it provides a place for all the guys starting to mature to thizz and practically **** on the dance floor...
house and some real techno is better!
Dubstep is relatively new and happens to be a style of music that allows many types of people to come together to enjoy it... Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Trance, reggae, jazz.... fans of these can all find something enjoyable in Dubstep.
This is a bit of a stoy so hang on tight please
Alright, so I'm on a boat in Thaland going to Koh Pangnan, I go on deck to check out the view and get a sunburn or two, some guy is coming my way and I move from the side to get out of the way, in the midst of doing so, I accidentally gently kick some older lady's bag. I say, sorry, but she mumbles some ****, I can't hear what she saying so I bend down and say, "excuse me?" then she looks up and replies to me in a ******* odd *** chipmunk voice and says, "Excuse me? Excuse me? Did I say something that embarassed you?" I look up and see everyone looking at the woman like what the **** is her problem, and looking at me like, 'are you gonna beat her *** or what?' Npt wanting to cause a scene cause I'm a good and mature young lady who doesnt reply to people in chipmunk voices, I queitly and calmly say, "No, you didn't embarass me." and go back to where I was standing.
End of part 1
Beginning of Part 2
Alright so then suddenly a French guy that was sitting next to the woman asks her, "Why were you talking **** like that to that girl over there?" And the woman replies to him and he basically cusses her our (ddin;t catch much of it) The woman gets up in shame, and the man pats his hand on the deck laughing and calls me over to sit down (there wasnt enough room on deck for me to sit). We talk about the freak woman and talk a bit about ourselves, but behind everything the man is sayuing theres like some sort of flirty message behind it, which sorta creeped me out. Anyways, we go deeper into disucssionand he asks me how old I am, I say 13, ( I look like I'm 18 or 19 cause opf my height and "mature looking" face and "deeper" voice I guess) and h e looks all startled. It gets awkward so I say Im gonna get my bags and blah blah. But he bluntly replies yeah okay yeah yeah, and as I'm leaving I see his looking at me from the boat and I wave to him but he ignores me and I wave to him again and I know he sees me but he ignores me. So I'm all like okay then and walk on

Thanks for reading, now can someone tell me why he got all sulky after I told him my age and ignored me? I was kind of in pain for a day.
Hiya, sometimes there are many other reasons things happen and it can be easy to read things into a situation, it's not worth worrying about really :)

Anyway, certainly from the story you told the guy had mistaken your age and was hoping to get a bit more friendly with you. lol
Perhaps it came as a bit of a shock to him when he found out how old you are and then he was to embarrassed to wave back at you?
Why do I feel so much more mature than everyone around me?
I was physically and sexually abused as a young guy, and now, at 17, my company is usually made up of 25 + year-old adults. I am constantly told that I am just a guy and it angers me. I do not act or look physically like a guy. I get bored when talking to people my age and often feel very angry.

I felt like I was missing out on never having a boyfriend in my HS years and I asked out someone I was friendly with for a few months. He said I was "too young to date but we could be **** buddies." I was EXTREMELY angered by this because it shows me being treated like a guy. I just cut him off completely and fell into a depression because I realized that is how I was going to be regarded by men untill I was older.

I WANT to like younger guys but I am constantly discusted by them. They walk around with their pants half way down their asses, curse, disrupt classes, and just give me a headache. If THAT is what is supposedly not going to use me in a relationship I will take being....
I feel you girl. In highschool, I didn't date much either. Mostly because I just couldn't fit in with the silliness that happens around highschool. I've always been more mature than my age, I went to college when I was 15, and graduated when I was 19. What I've learned is, its important to be comfortable in your own skin, and not allow what others see you as to affect how you see yourself. People can somehow sense our insecurities and run wild with them. Wanting to date is a natual desire, and it will come in due time. My recommendation: enjoy being single (silly as that sounds) because dating will happen for you before you know it, and have fun being young. Being mature for your age doesn't mean you have to give up the simple "immature" things like dancing in the rain, or jumping into a lake in December :)
I feel like my mother doesn't love me.?
Last Sunday was my 21st Birthday so I wanted to go out at 12:00 on saturday. My mother watched my son so I could go out i dropped him off at 11p.m. and went out that night. She never gave me a time to pick him and anytime shes ever watched him over night I get him right around lunch time. Shes perfectly fine with that. I woke up to her calling my cell phone and slept later then normal. When I answered she said what the **** are you doing?! I said sleeping...Shes like what do you mean sleeping? I said I guess I over slept im sorry. She said to come get your ******* guy. My 7 year old neeces live with her and you can hear them in the background saying yeah because were going to the store. When I got to her house ( I only live two blocks away). Shes like you look like ****. Which really I didn't and shes like you need to get your drinking under control. I drink maybe once a month if that. She told me off and said I ruined her day because normally she goes to my grandmothers house on sundays and claimed it was to late to go now even though she normally goes there around 1:00 & stays till 6. and it was 1:00 when I picked him up. I later found out from my cousin & aunt that she never planned on going there because my cousin just had a baby and she thought my neece might have pink eye and didnt want them around the baby. Really she just screamed at me because my 7 year old neece wanted to to go to the store right then and I wasn't there yet to pick him up. After my mom screamed at me my neece kept screaming and cussing at me to get out of her house and was not corrected. My neece cuses at me all the time and days she hates me and hopes me and my son mom never corrects her for it and i'm not allowed to say anything about it. I really love my neece & try being really nice to her so she knows I love her. Ever since she took in my neeces when I was 14 she acts like im not her guy. She never went to any of of cheerleading games or matches. We use to spend time together shopping,going out to lunch,ect. I understood then and now why we might not do as much together because the girls are time comsuming. But the day of my birthday she never even told me happy birthday only that I ruined her day. I haven't had a birthday cake since I was 16 or 17. I can't remember the last time she told me she loved me or even that she was proud of me. And im a very mature young women I live on my own ..the most I ever ask of her to to watch him once in a while. I've tried talking to her about everything her answer is that im jealous of the girls or I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. But I'm not jealous I love them very much and am fine with my mom being so busy with them. I dont think I feel sorry for myself I'm just not understanding and am trying to figure why I'm upset. She hasnt talked to me since my birthday and i havent talked to her because im upset and don't want to argue about it or have her say something thats going to hurt my feelings more. Am i being dramatic or do moms stop telling you they love you and doing the birthday thing when you get older? Any advise on this or imput. Im just really confused...
tl;dr. Your mother always loves you no matter what.
Which one do I ****.................? please read.?
Well if you take the time to read this, thank you so much. I need a lot of help.
Guy #1 - I've been ******* for the past 5 months. I broke up with him but decided that I was too h-rny to stop. He sometimes thinks we're back together and sometimes doesn't. He has a horrible personality, not very deep, and not very funny. But we're comfortable with eachother to say the least.

Guy #2 - Absolutely adorable. Wants me. Probably would date me if I wanted, but I just wanna hook up/hang out because I don't like relationships unless I'm in love. I want to **** him really badly, we have awesome chemistry. Good personality. Solid guy. Not really that quirky or weird.

Guy #3. Held hands with. Had more then one heart to heart with. Really the one that I want most. He's interested in someone 5 years younger then him which makes a difference because we're in the college/high school range of ages. I like him, he said he likes me to his bud. His buddy is Guy #1. Guy #1 told me he really likes my personality, the only thing stopping him from me, is the fact that I was once Guy #1's girl. Guy # 3 told me that I remind him of his ex girlfriend in all of the good ways. Like how I'm funny, and like a guy in the good ways. But also that I'm mature and older in the good ways too.
I was holding his hand and said that I really like it when a guy rubs my hand, "it's like a little jolt of lovin'" and he wouldnt stop. He also said he hadnt solidly held hands with anyone in a realy long time, and that he really missed it.
It made my heart skip a beat. Although I dont think he realizes how into him i am. I wanna be with him. Oh yeah, he's going to the navy soon.
StILL In LuV...WaT To Do?
I grew up having to hear the lectures from my parents, family, and friends! Having to see their pain and tears shed!! So, I made a promise to myself...To stay a virgin until I Found a guy worthy...One who I seen fit, honest, mature, and not just after me for sex...I lost my Virgin at 19..Which is consider a blessing where Im from..Cause the girls were Im from are like 15 and have 3 guys all by different guys...Now, the problem is...I open myself up to him...He did the same to me...It was me and him against the world...I gave him the honor of being my first after 2 months of being together..But, first I wrote him an 8 page letter spilling my true feelings to him..ANd, I ask him if he felt the same way to call me..He did..And, from that moment things were good..The best!! He was my heart! MY everything!! SO, many people told me he was no good..HE was gonna break my heart!! BUt, I didnt listen...Cause he was telling me different!! And, I follow my heart!! SO, many guys wanted me..BUT, I paid no attention Because he was who I wanted..I gave myself to him..Because, I seen myself being with him!! When, I moved less than 2 hours away to college..He dump me!! Just dropped the bomb..Said it was long distance, and he felt like I could find better than him..That he didnt wanna **** up my life!! It hurt, because he was my life..He made me grow up...He made me see the world from a different view..Because, of him..Now, I know who are my true friends and who isnt!! He just dropped the bomb..Said, not to call him...To move on!! And, he blocked my numbers and me from his myspace!! WHAT HAPPEN? What happen to the one who I gave my heart to?? I recently ran into him a week ago..We have been broked up from about goin on 8 months now...But, we been keeping in touch on and off...But, just a week ago..He finally told the truth..He lied to me about having another woman or a baby on the way..He lied about cheating on me..He finally admitted, that he got scared...He seen me falling in love and knew he wasnt feeling the same way so he had to let me go..BUt, why didnt he do it..WHen, at the time it wasnt hard to just let go..Like the first month!! He says, now he is telling the truth..Now, he says he let me go to find better..He calls better ( a woman 6 years older than him, with 2 guys, with no job, and uglier than me..better)! I remember him telling me, I was the best thang to happen to him..That he needed me in his life..Everysince, I walked into his life..**** been better! **** been good..SO, how do you let better go for better?? I dont understand...I wish I could..But, its like I dont wanna understand..All, I know is its been bout another year and he still has my heart...I havent been with any other guys cause I cant stop thinking about him!! He was my everything..Without him, Im lost!!! HOw could he not want a young mature independent woman such as myself..One who is in college and working towards a better future..One who pays her own bills and doesnt have to depend on anyone else..ONe who isnt a hoe or out on the streets sleeping with anybody?? He admitted hes single...But, truth is...I miss him...yes, he did me wrong..Broke my heart...And, I never got over it..Because, true love is what I feel for him...I tried showing him, telling him, he wont find one better than me..But, its like he doesnt understands or sees Im the Real thing!! What do you do, when the one who broke your heart...Is the only one who can fix it!! When, you dont wanna move on...Because, you know hes all you know..All you want! Im still in luv..wat do I do...DO, I keep trying to get him back or just finally finally let go.... Truth is, I dont think I can..Because, Im still holding on!! Sorry for writing all this...But, this question came deeply from my heart!!
Get over it
go out with your girlfriends and talk about it and you'll feel better
What to do with him (my friend)?
i know a guy boy who is 16 year old and living in india . he love to do sex as solo (he do with his hand), he always watches porn movies and cant spend a day without doing sex or watching porn movies . i do not want to tell his parents about this as they will through him out of house. he is intelligent in studies and a good boy he obey his parents but he sex addicted and some more things
1) he like to kiss feet leg only he like feet porn movies very much.
2) he love to see lesbian movies actually feet + lesbian movies
3) he love to have nude chat
4) he like to chat with simple cool girls only on net but when he starts he starts see porn movies
5) he like sex in this order
mature women
feet of young and mature woman
legs of young and mature woman
boobs of young and mature woman
then pussy of of young and mature woman
then back of of young and mature woman
6) some time he likes to **** any one even his female servant
Doesn't sound like he is doing anything you need to be worried about. Masturbation is a normal thing to do. As for watching porn well that is his thing, again nothing for you to be concerned about. I don't think he is additive to sex, normal 16 yr old boys masturbate daily. Leave the guy a lone and mind your own business.
How can I just forget about my ex-girlfriend I want to forget?
I made a mistake and karma bit me in the *** b/c I went out with a girl that had a boyfriend and she cheated on him b/c he was a asshole. I made a huge mistake dating this girl I was blind and I paid for it, she left me and went to her ex again. Then she had sex with me again before she left b/c I fell in love with her. I got so tired of this game that I told her boyfriend that she cheated on him again, after that she called saying what my problems was and I just told her she is trash and needs to grow up. I made my mistake for dating her and paid for it, but I need to forget this chic and move on. I fell in love with a girl that didnt give a **** about me in the end and its so hard to move on. I been working out, hanging with a **** load of friends etc.. but i still think of her everyday there no going back after what I did. I am only 20 and she is 18, I am still young and I am mature enough to admit my mistake how did anyone else with a similar problem move on???
We've all had similar problems. The answer is time. In time you will be able to move on. You will probably never forget her, but you will be able to move on.

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