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How to discourage cat from peeing on wood antiques?
My cat has a history of peeing on my wood antiques (dresser, trunk, etc.), but when I moved, (per vet recommendation) I keep her in a closed room with no antiques & lots of litter boxes. She has been great for 6 months, but now I have an antique piano I need to move into that room & I'm terrified she will destroy it--any preventive measures I can take? (I tried lemons, cleaners, vinegar, baking soda & refinishing on the old dresser & didn't deter her at all...)
Tried swatting her with something like a rolled up newspaper or magazine? Not with something hard enough to hurt her, just mainly to startle her?

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Did Chris Wood pee in the woods?
Did chris woods pee in the woods on hole 10 at Hazeltine?
Yes he did.. I was there. I held it for him..
Question about camping and peeing in the woods....?
I am going camping/backpacking or whatever an apparently its kind of remote but there are still ppl around. If i get caught peeing in the woods insteadof using the bathrooms, will i get arrested or something? How can I avoid getting caught?
Wow there are some really bad answers on this one. Let me see if I can clear things up. First of all, if there are toilets available use them. If not and you are not in an area that requires you to pack out ALL of your waste you can dig a cat hole. Make sure you are at least 100 yds away from camp and water sources. Dig your hole at least 8" deep, do your business, and bury it well.

If you are in a heavy use area that requires to pack out your poo (and pee) you need to do this. Shame on those who don't do this and use the "animals pee and poop in the woods so I can too." This is a terrible attitude to have and it is destroying our parks. If everyone who when to McKinley, Mt. Whitney, and Yosemite just did their business and left it behind it would be full of poop filled holes. If you are going to these places add a wag bag to you REI shopping list. They work very well. There is a chemical in them that starts breaking down the poo and they come with a double sealable bag so you don't have to worry about "accidents." I know it sounds gross but it's not that bad.

Don't forget to pack some TP and hand sanitizer. :)

Oh, and if you are in an area where there are not toilets or pack out laws don't worry about "getting caught." As long as you are well away from other camps and in a secluded location (where no one would normally be hiking) even if someone happens upon you they will likely be just as embarrassed as you. Sometimes it happens and its not big deal.

I've added some links in the sources section in case you need to pack it out.
I am in the woods with my laptop walking and I have to pee its an hour home ahh peeing in the woods is nasty any ways to do it good
Just go.
I saw a girl peeing in the woods one day by accident when i was running at local track?
i was running at a local track when i was walking back along the path to leave the track i heard something in the woods and when i looked there was this girl peeing on a tree a was shocked for a sec and then sorta walked away question is i see her every day when i go running and i dont now what i should do.and has this ever happened to anyone before.
Don't do a thing. She had to go bad so she couldn't get to a toilet, well it happens. Natural thing to happen. Don't bring it up, just forget about it.

Only if there are public toilets nearby that she doesn't know about you may help her and tell her some time when no one else can hear, then saying something like 'hey, there are restrooms (thereandthere) you know' would still be embarrassing but the benefit of saving her future embarrassment may still make it a good idea if she runs there daily.
How to pee in the woods if your a female?
I am going on my first camping trip in my life.... ever. I am 23 and my family never camped at all. How do I (a female) pee in the woods? My friends say it's easy and I am over worried. But what if there is no toilet paper and I really have to go... I don't want to touch.... um.... ya. And what's the best way to go in the woods without it running down my legs or but? At least I'm not on my period.
I was an adventure guide and rock climber for a number of years, and did a number of long rafting trips (one or two weeks), and there are some cool things you can use to pee standing up and deal with menstrual periods as well:…

I've used something like the freshette, you can buy it at lots of places, but this is where I got it:

Good luck!

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