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Torture methods?
I'm working on a short story and one characters gets tortured, anyone know original torture methods?
Something cruel but not lethal?
Are we talking physical or mental torture?

Here's one. Place them nearly naked in a cool room with no blanket.
Torture methods?
i am very interested in middle ages and witchcraft....recently got interested in witches tortures....i find it crepy but also fascinating....don't ask me why..maybe i am just weird....anyway.....what r the best torture methods u have heard of?just curious ...bye
Reading some of these yahoo questions is torture.
What is the study of torture methods called?
The methods of treating people badly, what is it called? From the study of political ill-treatments towards citizens, books like Machiavelli's The Prince, to ancient torture methods. What is the study called?
What Do You Think The Best Methods Of Torture Are That Are Not Harmful?
Do you think there are "harmless torture" methods that don't cause permanent scars, damage, or death.

What torture methods do you think work but are not physically harmful?
I think ALL methods of torture are harmful, whether it be physically or mentally.
But I assume you are talking about ones that don't cause physical harm.
and i would say being chained to a table, not tightly to cause harm but just enough to not be able to move and having a constant drip of water on your face. It would be enough to drive anybody crazy.
Or the torture of sounds eg playing a tape of a baby crying non-stop.

Anyway I am unsure why you are asking this question but I hope its for innocent reasons.

What were the torture methods that the CIA released a few days ago?
I saw the news earlier and it said something about torture methods being told to the public by the CIA.
Confining someone in a small space (like a coffin) for 18 hours at a time.

Not permitting sleep - for eight or nine days at time.

Placing a wet cloth over the mouth and pouring water over it. This causes the cloth to go into your mouth and provides the sensation of drowning - also known as waterboarding (typically with a person strapped down).

Smashing the head against a wall.
What are the countries with the most torture methods?
What countries have thought of and introduced the most torture methods since the beginning of the medieval times?
Almost every country has done this, hard to trace who has the most, since they are often copied.

Keep in mind here that torture of war/political prisons is illegal, by international law - and, it yields unreliable info anyway.
How many countries still use torture methods or permit torture methods in their country?
how many countries still use torture methods or permit torture methods in their country? and in the usa, is torturing banned in the constitution?
Define Torture.
Anybody know any good chinese torture methods?
These rotten guys kept coming out on my lawn playing grab *** and getting me pissed. I tried leaning out the window, shaking my fists and yelling, but the little b*stards just ignored me and giggled. I set out a bear trap, and the next time they came it snapped down on one of the guys, so I took him inside and ate him. But it made me wonder: Next time I catch one, should I torture them instead? If so, how?

Bonus points for any methods that tenderize the meat.
tape their eyes open and turn the fan on in front of them...
sick, i cant believe i just answered this hahahaha
How do you like these torture methods?
I've added this method in a book I'm writing about torture. My book is about a bunch of rapists, pedophiles, arsonists, mobsters, poachers, etc. getting a taste of their own medicine. There is a young lady who receives a pap smear with a meat hook. Another guy has both of his shins broken apart over an anvil with a sledgehammer. Remember! If it doesn't make your skin crawl, I'm not doing my job.
actualy making thim see the damage they caused is the worse you can do.
i rather take instant death than physicle tortur for that can increase hatrid to you.
What were some of the gestapo police torture methods?
i need to find out about the torture methods used by the gestapo
Primarily just beating people with weapons. Gestapo was also responsible for rounding up political opponants and bringing the to concentration camps. Jews were usually sent to the extermination camps. It was the threat of their power that made people do what they wanted

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